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What are the three commonly used methods of flow control used for handling network congestion? A. Buffering B. Source-quench messages C. Error checking D. Windowing


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What are the five areas of the ISO Network Management Model? A. Performance management B. Accounting management C. Flow management D. Configuration management E. Operating management F. Fault management G. Routing management H. Security management

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What is the standard ethernet cabling specification? (not IEEE 802.3) A. STP B. Coax (thin) C. Coax (thick) D. UTP

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What AppleTalk protocol permits AppleTalk workstations to share files across a network?

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Which of the following are true regarding switched virtual circuits (SVCs) and permanent virtual circuits (PVCs)? Choose two. A. SVCs and PVCs can use the same circuit. B. PVCs are permanently established virtual circuits. C. SVCs and PVCs terminate the circuit when data transmission is complete. D. SVCs are virtual circuits that are dynamically established on demand and terminated when data transmission is complete.

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Which two of the following describe ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One)? A. It is an abstract routing protocol that is not used very often. B. It is an OSI language for describing data types independent of particular computer structures and representation techniques. C. Consists of only one basic routing algorithm. D. Uses BER (Basic Encoding Rules).

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What is the technique used by a router that can automatically initiate and close a circuit-switched session? A. PLP B. LAPP C. ASN.1 D. DDR

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What are two ways to connect a PC to a LAN when using ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)? A. ATM endpoint B. ATM LAPB C. ATM router D. ATM switch

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Match the following routing protocols with their routing algorithm. A. OSPF 1. Distance Vector B. IGRP 2. Link-State C. RIP D. IS-IS E. NLSP F. RTMP G. AURP H. BGP

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ISDN is referenced by a suite of ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector) standards encompassing what three layers of the OSI reference model? A. Physical B. Data Link (LAPD) C. Data Link (RMON) D. Network (Q.930 and Q.931)

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What are three ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) data types? A. data feeds B. name C. syntax D. encoding

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The following are the four steps in establishing an X.25 virtual circuit. Place them in the correct order. A. The PSE (Packet Switch Exchange) passes the packet to the next remote DCE B. The local DCE packet binder sends packet to the closest PSE (Packet Switch Exchange) C. The source DTE sends packet to the local DCE D. The remote DCE examines the packet header of destination DTE

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Which of the following three sets of IP addresses and subnet masks are private IP addresses? A. B. C. D.

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With Centralized Routing, each node must determine and maintain its routing information independently? A. True B. False

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What are the four basic components of an AppleTalk network? A. Sockets B. Nodes C. Networks D. Areas E. Zones

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