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write the test cases for a+b=c?

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write the test cases for a+b=c?..

Answer / sumathy

Test Description: Prove a+b=C

Test Steps: Enter any values for a and b. Add the values of
a and b and store in c.

Test Input: a= 12; b=13

Expected Result:
The value of c should be equal to 25.

Acutal Result:......(Fill it after the execution of Test


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write the test cases for a+b=c?..

Answer / invisible man

check whether a+b=c?
* suppose a = 5, b = 10 then check whether c = 15.

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write the test cases for a+b=c?..

Answer / tester

another test case could be using the negative numbers, such as:
Test Input: a=-3, b=-4

Expected Result: c=-7

Actual Result:....

Status: P/F

Note: the actual and expected results should be the same

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write the test cases for a+b=c?..

Answer / jajula

take a, b values from vit(vlid input table), and write
test cases using that values and fill the expected values
coloumn values and check with actuals.

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write the test cases for a+b=c?..

Answer / karthick

DESCRIPTION: Check whether a+b=c.
PROCEDURE: Step1: enter any value for a.
Step2: enter any value for b.
step3: a+b=c
TEST DATA: Suppose a=5 , b=5
EXPECTED RESULT: 5+5=10 ie:c=10
ACTUAL RESULT: ....... (leave the actual result column as
blank). when executing the testcase, expected and actual
results should be same.

STATUS: If E.R = A.R ( status is PASS)
If E.R is not equal to A.R (Status is FAIL)

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write the test cases for a+b=c?..

Answer / srinivas

another test case could be use one negative number and
another positive number final the result is a+b=c

Declaration the variables a=10 and b=-5
Expected Result is 5

Actual Result is 5
Status is Pass

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write the test cases for a+b=c?..

Answer / rakshan

1.test when a and b should be positive (>0)
2.test when a ,b and c must be integers

3.a-c = -b
4.a = c-b
5.test when a,b and c should be negative (<0)
6. a or b both should never be greater than c

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write the test cases for a+b=c?..

Answer / ravi singh jaiswar

Test cases of a+b=C.
Let the Test data will be a = 2, b = 3 so according to the test data Expected result should be C = 5.
Actual Result = as per the test case.

1. a + b = C.
2. a = C - b.
3. b = C - a.
4. a + b - C = 0.
5. (a + b)/C = 1.
6. (C - b)/a = 1.
7. (C - a)/b = 1.
8. (a + b)² = C².
9. (a)² + (b)² = C² - 2ab.
10. (a + b)³ = C³.
11. (a)³ + (b)³ = C³ - 3ab(a + b).
12. {C³ - (a)³ + (b)³}/3ab = (a + b).
13. a - b ≠ C.
14. C + a ≠ b.
15. C + b ≠ a.

& counting...

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write the test cases for a+b=c?..

Answer / karthika

1.Enter the a value (a!=b and zero)
2.Enter the b value(b!=a and zero)
3.then a+b=c
If a=7 ,b=3 then a+b=10
if a=4,b=-7 then a+b=-3
if a=-1,b=-4 then a+b=-5

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