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Question { Ford, 34293 }

Difference between Equalance class partion and boundary
value analysis?


Boundary value analysis and equivalent partitioning are
black box testing techniques.
Both are applied to validate the minimum and maximum limit.

BVA ex: if Username field accepts minimum 4 character and
maximum 12 characters, then we need to check with six
different data.

lets consider 'm' is minimum limit and 'n' is maximum limit,
then check with m-1, m, m+1 , n-1 , n , n+1.

note: m=4(minimum 4 character)
n=12(maximum 12 characters)

m-1= (4-1)=3 ( invalid data )
m=4 (valid data )
m+1= (4+1)=5 ( valid data )
n-1=(12-1)=11 (valid data)
n=12 (valid data)
n+1= 12+1=13 ( invalid data)

there fore , here we have 2 invalid data(-ve test case) and
4 valid data( +ve test case).

equivalent partitioning: this technique is used to reduce
the no. of test cases in to finite set. in this method input
data will be divided into 3 equivalent sets.

ex: if a input box accepts 1 to 1000 numbers then, it is not
necessary to write test cases for 1000 valid inputs and
other test case for invalid data.

instead validate the field with 3 different sets.

1. take one input data between 1 to 1000 as +ve test case.
if we testing for the other values between 1 to 1000 the
result is going to be same. so one test case is sufficient
for valid input data.

2. take one value less than 1 as invalid input (-ve test case)

3. take one input data above 1000 as invalid input ( -ve
test case).

There fore using this method we can reduce the no.of
testcases into finite set.

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Question { Cap Gemini, 9233 }

trecebality matrix used for which purpose?


RTM( Requirement Tracebakity Matrix) used to check whether all the rquirements are covered or not.

It also helps to track the status of testing at any point of time.

and it links the business requirements and corresponding functionality requirements right up to the correcponding test case.

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Question { 3i Infotech, 14821 }

Define Testcase.


Test case is a document, design by the test engineers to
check whether the application meeting the client
requirement or not.

This document contains the templates like
1.Test case id
2.Test case description
3.Test case Procedure
4.Test Data
5.Expected Result
6.Actual Result

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Question { CTS, 5070 }

how often do u recieve bulid in ur company?


It may vary organization to Organization.. In our compnay we receive a build every tuesday...

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Question { Aloha Technology, 21147 }

write the test cases for a+b=c?


DESCRIPTION: Check whether a+b=c.
PROCEDURE: Step1: enter any value for a.
Step2: enter any value for b.
step3: a+b=c
TEST DATA: Suppose a=5 , b=5
EXPECTED RESULT: 5+5=10 ie:c=10
ACTUAL RESULT: ....... (leave the actual result column as
blank). when executing the testcase, expected and actual
results should be same.

STATUS: If E.R = A.R ( status is PASS)
If E.R is not equal to A.R (Status is FAIL)

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Question { TCS, 9405 }

Smoke testing done by whom


Smoke testing is done by the test engineer to check whether
the basic functionality of an application working fine or
not and the application is ready for further testing.

If smoke testing fail, the build will be rejected and will
wait for the next build.

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