Explain Equivalence Partitioning ?

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Explain Equivalence Partitioning ?..

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Equivalence Partitioning :

In this method the input domain data is divided into
different equivalence data classes. This method is
typically used to reduce the total number of test cases to
a finite set of testable test cases, still covering maximum

In short it is the process of taking all possible test
cases and placing them into classes. One test value is
picked from each class while testing.

E.g.: If you are testing for an input box accepting numbers
from 1 to 1000 then there is no use in writing thousand
test cases for all 1000 valid input numbers plus other test
cases for invalid data.

Using equivalence partitioning method above test cases can
be divided into three sets of input data called as classes.
Each test case is a representative of respective class

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Explain Equivalence Partitioning ?..

Answer / mfsi_priyankaa

In Equivalence partitioning we divide the inputs into
different class means same set of inputs will come into one
class and other set of input will come under another
class.In this way we can reduce the number of test data..

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