How can we improve the performance of a crystal report? OR
What all performance improvement techniques used in crystal
reports? (particularly CR XI)

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Answer / madhusudhanreddy t

Some of the answers posted are good, but the real things to
do in order to improve the performance of the crystal
reports are:

- Server Side processing should be done.This can be achieved
by using the option PERFORM GROUPING ON SERVER.

-Using Indexes for faster data retrieval also improves the
performance of the reports.This can be achieved by using the

- Instead of using the Formula Fields the other option
provided is SQL Expression Fields to improve the
performance. Using Stored Procedures is also very good
option since they are pre-compiled sql statements which are
permanently stored in the database where syntax checking
will not be done for each individual query.

-If you are using Sub Reports, then you can use the ON
DEMAND SUB REPORTS instead of normal sub reports. Since
using the normal sub reports will be a cost factor to
retrieve the data from the data source.

-Using Linked Tables with Indexes is the better option
instead of sub reports. Again it depends upon your requirement.

-Instead of retrieving all the records, its always
recommended to fetch only the necessary records using the
where condition.

They are still many points to be far as for
interview point.....providing these answers will surely
place you in a right position.

For any Queries on Crystal Reports and .NET Integration, you
can contact me at

Thanks and Regards,

Madhusudhanreddy T

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Answer / santhosh alladi

There are multiple ways to do that...

1. Using Report bursting indexes.
2. and Sub reports degrade the performance, So avoid using
sub reports.

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Answer / rahmathulla a

As per janarthanan said, Avoiding subreports,running totals
and summary fields make the performance good. And we should
do maximum logical things by the stored procedure than the
performance will improve well.

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Answer / matt

Put as much processing on the server as possible

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Answer / janarthanan m

Avoiding sub reports will improve the performance of the report.
Avoid Using running totals and Summary fields.
Using more suppress conditions

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Answer / ved sharma

Using the Stored Procdure improve the performane of the
crystal repaort.

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Answer / aaa

Avoiding sub reports will improve the performance of the report.
Avoid Using running totals and Summary fields.
Using more suppress conditions

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Answer / hemant

What else can be done to improve the performance of the
report when there is a big database involved with a number
of tables involved. Basically when the select query becomes
complex, what should be done to improve the performance of
the report?

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Answer / gyanendra singh

if we use subreport than we can improve the performance of crystal report.

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