What is testing ?

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What is testing ?..

Answer / jays

Testing is the process by which we can identify the
correctness, completeness and quality of a developed
software product.

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What is testing ?..

Answer / venu

Testing is a process in which we do the following activities:

1.Identify the defects,
2.Isolate the defects,
3.Report the defects for rectification and
4.ensure the product is defect free.

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What is testing ?..

Answer / pradeep kumar

Testing is a process in which defects are identified, isolated and subjected for rectification and to ensure whether the product is defect free or not.

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What is testing ?..

Answer / rajkumar

The process consisting of all lifecycle activities both
static & dynamic concerned with planning, preparation, &
evaluation of software products & work related products to
show that software work as expected, it satisfies the
customers need & with intent of finding defects.

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