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Can u tell something about the Agile Methodology

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Can u tell something about the Agile Methodology..

Answer / narendra

Agile Model is useful for continous interaction with the
customer ,in this model the Tesing phaze will start first
before developing.

Advantages: - Testing and Develeoping will be done
simultaneously , There is continous intercation with the

Disadvantages: - Cost is the main criteria here,

In future many companies will follow this model if cost is
not main criteria

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Can u tell something about the Agile Methodology..

Answer / sunny

If you would like to follow a method which should be
feasible for the sudden changes in the requirements, AGILE
Method is a best choice. I agree with Mr. Narendra, that
this method will give you room to work very closely with

SCRUM Model is the Agile Methodology. SCRUM is a huge
topic. Hope this space is not enough to discuss. To make it
short, project will be devided in to number of Sprint. Each
Sprint would be 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks or 8 weeks,
depends on their project specifications. All the
requirement are placed in to a document called Product
Backlog with the priority of implementation. Every sprint
start there will be a meeting called Start-Up meeting. In
this meeting backlog items will be dragged in to the
Sprint. Based on implementation order development will
progress and parallel to that testing will be taken place.
In the startup meeting Development and Testing team both
will sit together for the each story estimation. and so
on ...I am tired

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