please send general aptitude questions with their answers

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judys plans to visit the national gallery once in each month in 2001 except in july and august when she plans to go three times each. a single admission cost $3.5,a pass valid for unlimited visits in any 3 mnth period can be purchasedfor $18,and in annual pass costs $60.what is the least amount in dollars that judy can spend for her intended numbers of visits

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The productivity of a group of workers is given by the function P(N) = 4000 vN, where N is the total strength. Find the percentage change in productivity if the strength of the group is increased by 1%. (a) 0.5% (b) 0.25% (c) 0.75% (d) 1% (e) 2%

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send me sbi previous clerical examinatiom question with answer o my email id alongwith sample question with answer

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An array was given and we were required to write a function : int CalculateThirdHighest(int a[ ]) : which calculates the third highest number in the array. While coding in C remember to calculate the length of array using formulae length of array=sizeof(a)/sizeof(int). Because the number of elements of array were not passed as argument. i want a solution in C/C++ language

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I belongs to OBC candidate, got admission in Deemed university (MAHARASHTRA) shall I got freeship. pl clarify,

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who is the mahatma gandi

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dear sir, i am preparing the all rrb board "tc,cc,asm" entrance exam. sir please send me all board previous papers in my email id ""or"dharmendra_479@rediffmail.c om" thanks

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what were the ahdis of akbars time

3 Answers   CDS,

computer can be written as 04p14q22u06s. then how software can be written?

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In any place there are 9 Cottage. Each to a Cottage Mohan Tanya and Roma do not want to live in end Row. Babu and Mohan must not have any body adjacent. Only on empty Cottage between Mohan and Roma. Chander is adjacent to both Jayanti and Roma. Tanya next to the cottage at the begnings. 1. Who has empty Cottage both side. (a) Roma (b) Babu (c) Mohan (d) Tanya 2. Who is in 3rd Cottage ? (a) Jyoti (b) Chandar (c) No body (d) Roma 3. what Cottage empty (a) 1,6,8 (b) 1,5,8 (c) 4,5,6 (d) 5,6,8 4. Maximum no. of consecutive Cottage that are (a) 0 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 5. we are writing code word PEOPLE to PLPEOEE than how to write TREND (a) TREDN (b) DNERT (c) NDETR (d) TNERD

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Please,let me know the RRB question papers for Junior Engg.Electrical & Electronics Engg post.Thank You

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If a and b are positive integers, is a + 4b odd? 1) b is even. 2) a is odd. a) if statement (1) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (2) alone is not sufficient to answer the question. b) if statement (2) ALONE is sufficient, but statement (1) alone is not sufficient to answer the question. c) if BOTH statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are sufficient to answer the question asked, but NEITHER statement ALONE is sufficient. d) if EACH statement ALONE is sufficient to answer the question asked. e) if statements (1) and (2) TOGETHER are NOT sufficient to answer the question asked, and additional data specific to the problem are needed.

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