Hi , I am new to VBscripting, My requirment is to write a
vbscript to read a row (which has coloumns like
Description, Code, date(DD/MM/YY), hours etc) and export
these feilds to a Website and then click on Submit
Automatically on that web page. This it should do for all
the Rows in that excel file. Any help is much appriciated


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Hi , I am new to VBscripting, My requirment is to write a vbscript to read a row (which has coloum..

Answer / samrat

DataTable.AddSheet "qtpsht"
DataTable.ImportSheet path,"srcsheet","qtpsht"

For i=1 to rowcnt
'Invoke ur application
'get the test data and store in variables
'apply the above variables into ur application and then
'close ur application

hope this meet ur rqmt..

crct me if iam wrong...

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Hi , I am new to VBscripting, My requirment is to write a vbscript to read a row (which has coloum..

Answer / pinki

Try this may work.
‘Invoke the your application, open the required page
Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application") '
Creates the Instance of Excel
objExcel.Workbooks.open “ Give the excel sheet
path" 'Opents the excel sheet from given location
objExcel.Visible = False
'***********Assigning the values to the variables
X = objExcel.ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.count
For j = 1 to X
Desc = objExcel.ActiveSheet.Cells(j,1)
Code = objExcel.ActiveSheet.Cells(j,2)
Date = objExcel.ActiveSheet.Cells(j,2)
Hours = objExcel.ActiveSheet.Cells(j,2)
‘*********** Assign the values to Application variables
Browser().Page().WebEdit().Set Desc

‘ click on sumbit

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