What is rhinohunt testing? urgent pls send the answer soon

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HI i'm Ramu new join as manual tester plz send me test cases for web application testing i need basic idea's

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Generate functional and negative testcases for MS Paint brush

1 Answers   Accenture, GE, Netian, Tangent Software,

can anybody tell me that how many days required to complete 1000 test cases.And what would be the avg testcase perday for a tester.

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can someone tell me the test cases for following scenario of password: 1. Password should be minimum 6 chars and maximum 8 chars. 2. Password should consists of 1 uppercase letter. 3. Password should consists of 1 numeric. 4. Password should consists of 1 special character.

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Please guide me for Add new user test cases

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how to write test cases for credit card payment

5 Answers  

test cases for black board test cases for pencil

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What is Defect Seeding? What is Defect Density?

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write test cases for test cases...?

9 Answers   TCS,

write a testcase for tea cup?

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write test case for optical mouse.

8 Answers   Mphasis,

For how many days (or) weeks you will test a product or software?

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