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wat is extended price??

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wat is extended price??..

Answer / priya

price of the single items the quantity you r getting

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wat is extended price??..

Answer / sankeerthana

An extended price is the unitprice multiplied by the
number of those items that were purchased

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hi this is sharath,from hassan ,karnataka.,., i am caled for t interv on 28th may 2009, 12 noon, at foll location.,. STATE BANK OF MYSORE STAFF TRAINING CENTRE 104/105 7TH MAIN ROAD JAYALAKSHMIPURAM MYSORE-570012. anybody who is also attendin the same interview please reply me .,.,. i am in my final yr BE EnC,MCE hassan, i wold like to know more about the interview .,., please do reply.,.,. yours friendly, sharath kumar,

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