What is "V-n-V" Model ? Why is it called as "V"& why
not "U" ? Also tell at what Stage Testing should be best to

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What is "V-n-V" Model ? Why is it called as "V"& why not "U" ? A..

Answer / bishwajit.rk

V-n-V stands for Verification and Validation. These two Vs
are the components of V-model or Vertical Model.

V word is used to describe the model because since it
follows Development and Testing parallely, top to bottom,
vertically!!! And if u look into the model diagram, its
shown in V structure to give a good view for the model and
its name.

In V-model, the Development and Testing phases goes in-
hand. For every Development phase there is a Testing phase.
This model is very convenient and easy to adapt for a SDLC.

Based on the V-model, Testing starts from the requirement
phase itself. So, according to me, there is no other best
phase where u can start Testing other then starting right
from Requirement phase. Its always better to prevent the
defects migrating from the early stage of project then
finding them at Testing phase and land up in spending lots
of money rectifying the defect.

On the light side, Defects are our Hero...Without them we
would have been unemployed ;)

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What is "V-n-V" Model ? Why is it called as "V"& why not "U" ? A..

Answer / naresh

It is called V coz it looks like V. the detailed V model is
shown below.

SRS Acceptance testing
\ /
\ /
HLD(High Level Design) System testing
\ /
\ /
LLD(Low level Integration testing
design) /
\ /
\ Unit Testing
\ /
\ /

There is no such stage for which you wait to start testing.
testing starts as soon as SRS document is ready. You can
raise defects that are present in the document. Its called

Plz correct me if i'm wrong..

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What is "V-n-V" Model ? Why is it called as "V"& why not "U" ? A..

Answer / maheswar

v and v stands for verification and validation

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What is "V-n-V" Model ? Why is it called as "V"& why not "U" ? A..

Answer / sushmaa....from kurnool

V model difines multipul stages of development along with
testing stages. in V.Model "V" stands for "verification and
Validation" thats wat we r calling "V" model

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What is "V-n-V" Model ? Why is it called as "V"& why not "U" ? A..

Answer / reddy

what ever u told is 50% correct.
But comparing all other models(ie waterfall model,spiral
model) ie testing will start from the begining (whenever
customer gives the crs testing will start) and we can find
the bugs early in the process and budget also reduces
therefore V means victory and v and v are verification and

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What is "V-n-V" Model ? Why is it called as "V"& why not "U" ? A..

Answer / shamitha

Testing is done at each and every stages and there is no delay time

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