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What is Differance btwn GCM & CDMA Mobiel?how to Work they

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What is Differance btwn GCM & CDMA Mobiel?how to Work they are?..

Answer / nikhilesh pandey

I m not sure what is GCM i think it is GSM so now lets talk
abt GSM and CDMA... the basic Difference are summerized in
following points..

1. GSM structure limits the number of users at certain QOS
while CDMA system allows graceful degradation of QOS with
increase in number of users within the cell
2. GSM works on hexagonal cell structure where each adjacent
cell are having different frequency for operation and each
cell can communicate with a maximum of fix number of mobile
users while CDMA there is not strict cell structure and
every mobile user uses the entire freqency band.

3. GSM cells are relatively small in size and power
efficient for mobile users while CDMA cells are big in size
can accomodate more number of users but they are not as
power efficient as GSM cells.

3. Hacking a GSM system is relatively easy than CDMA. CDMA
is secure in this term

4. GSM system is popular in commercial application where QOS
is more important while CDMA is popular for millitary and
scientific experiments where data security and other issues
are important. There days CDMA system is getting more
popular due to no hard limit on number of users

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What is Differance btwn GCM & CDMA Mobiel?how to Work they are?..

Answer / sudhir

In CDMA we use rake reciever concept.It picks the best
signal it recieves from a number of signals.So,the audio
clarity is quite good when compared with GSM mobiles.

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What is Differance btwn GCM & CDMA Mobiel?how to Work they are?..

Answer / hindalco-dmw.system

GSM Mobile work with Sim Card & CDMA Mobile means Card less
mobile application he work with Network only.

we keep deactivate GSM Mobile but CDMA not like this.

That's It.

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