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What is the difference between Simulator and Emulator?

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What is the difference between Simulator and Emulator?..

Answer / redredblue

Simulator is the electronic network simulation equipment or a base station equipment for CDMA network/CDMA mobile phones and it is CISCO programmed.It helps in latching home network without roaming services and can make VOICE,SMS,DATA calls especially where there is no roaming facility to test the handset. The CDMA Frequency like 800/900,1800/1900 which do not support in Asia and Europe,can make them live! with the help of this Simulator, the highest capacity of the simulator depends of the manufacturer of the box, may be up to 2400-MHz. It has to be configured both in the box as well as in mobile phones. As per the box capacity it can connect only limited count of mobile phones at one network within a range of 10 meters. This was just brief...

Emulator is a software to test mobile application without a live handset.

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What is the difference between Simulator and Emulator?..

Answer / raj

Simulator is used for download testing onto various mobile
by passing different user agents used by tester whereas
emulators are used to test the functionality generally used
by developer.

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