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What is the V model,Tell me in brief??

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What is the V model,Tell me in brief??..

Answer / rita behera

V Model is a conceptual mapping between the Development stages and the Testing stages.This Model shows how each stage of a Development process embedded with testing phases.

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What is the V model,Tell me in brief??..

Answer / deepak

Verification- is it error free, does it waht you really

Validation- Is software valid? this is what you really want?

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What is the V model,Tell me in brief??..

Answer / sarath

verification means jus verify the whole project with out
writing test cases

validation means testing the project in depth n in clear

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What is the V model,Tell me in brief??..

Answer / guest

verification and validation is nothing but V model.
verification/unconventional/: it is the procress of
verifying that he developers are developing right product
or not
verification can be done by review and walk throughs

validation/conventional/:it is the procress of testing the
developers are develop right product or not.

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