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what is test scenario?explain with example(positive and
negative aspect)

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what is test scenario?explain with example(positive and negative aspect)..

Answer / patilvis

Test Scenario
Scenario testing is used to create large test cases that
model real use of the application by covering multiple
requirements. These tests are used to find bugs in the
system, learn the product, and find requirements problems.
Scenarios should be real life examples of system use, but
exaggerated to test extreme use, like a soap-opera.
However, scenario testing does not provide code coverage,
and it is a black-box testing approach that should be used
later in development
Transaction flow testing looks at the different processes
and decision points in a transaction of the system. This is
a way to model a scenario and test all of the branches in a
particular transaction..

Test scenarios for testing a web site:

As a Tester you should test GUI of the website,test whether
the page layout and design elements are consistent through
out the site,Whether all the links provided in the website
are working properly,What are the expected loads on the
server? performance of the website (check for webserver
response time and database query time)under heavy loads.

The key things are:
1. UI testing
2. Session
3. Basic functionality
4. Negative testing
5. Penetration testing
5. Broken links
6. URL testing
7. Orphan page testing

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what is test scenario?explain with example(positive and negative aspect)..

Answer / basava raju

Test scenario is an use case which is part part of a
requirement or functionality. A requirement is divided into
multiple use cases, ech use case is further divided into
multiple test cases.

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