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What is a difference between scripting language and
programming language?

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What is a difference between scripting language and programming language?..

Answer / deepaksuri82

1. Scripting language execute client side
2. Interpretator is required to execute scripting language.

1.Programming language execute server side
2. Compiler is required for executing it.

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What is a difference between scripting language and programming language?..

Answer / anwar basha

1.Programming languages(PL) are used to build an application.
2.PL are compiler based languages
3.PL uses more memory space hence called heavy weight coding
4.Generally PL are case sensitive
5.PL are complex to understand & implement

1. Scripting languages(SL) are client side scripting
2.SL are interpreter based languages
3.SL uses less memory space hence called light weight coding
4. SL are case insensitive
5.SL are easy to understand & implement

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