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what is the differece between salary and remuneration?

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what is the differece between salary and remuneration?..

Answer / sashirekha

salary is fixed by the organisation for the various levels
of the organisation , for ex, govt. and quasi govt.
organisation . no deviations are allowed at any level.
full revision only possible. remunaration is the amount one
can claim or one has to give for the value of service
extracted or rendered. one salaried person may not be
remunerated properly. remunaration is bargainable.
understand the mild differance

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what is the differece between salary and remuneration?..

Answer / preethi.j

Salary:Fixed compensation for services, paid to a person on
a regular basis.
Remuneration:pay or compensation that one receives for a
service not on regular basis . it includes
benefits,allowances,other perks.

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what is the differece between salary and remuneration?..

Answer / v.thrishul

salary for low and top level categories, but remuneration
mostly for top level categories

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