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What do you mean by gaap in accounting?

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what is insurance ? how many types of insurance?

2 Answers  

Name three (3) fixed-income security types

2 Answers  

What is Double Entry System ?

8 Answers  

8. What is the difference between: a. Direct Costing Method and Absorption Method. b. Fixed Cost and Variable Cost.

0 Answers  

Outstanding Income & Advance income - Will it be shown in P&L..? In b/s which side, it will be shown..?

11 Answers  

how to individual capital account.

0 Answers  

Diffrence between Statutory Audit & Internal Audit

2 Answers   Goldman Sachs,

What is asset revaluation reserve and how is it treated in the books of accounts

4 Answers   Genpact,

simple meaning of debit and credit...?

3 Answers   PWC,

Do you know what qualities and skills make an account manager successful?

0 Answers  

I had this interview in 09. The interviewer kept on asking this question. Why do you want to join JP Morgan chase? can any1 give me a good answer...???

2 Answers   IBM, JPMorgan Chase,

Suppose you buy a one-year government bond that has a maturity value of Rs.1000. The market interest rate is 8 per cent. (a) How much will you pay for the bond? (b) If you purchase the bond for Rs.904.98, what interest rate will you earn from this investment?

2 Answers