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Explain the Accounting Equation?

Explain the Accounting Equation?..

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Needs for capital

2 Answers  

I renders interior Services, consider one project cost Rs.500000/- Scenario 1 - Material purchased on my Firm Name Material - 300000 -300000 On party behalf Labour - 200000 -150000 My expenses for Labour Contracts Profit - 50000 My Profit Scenario 2 - Material purchased by client Labour - 200000 -150000 My expenses for Labour Contracts Profit - 50000 My Profit In both Profit is same Rs. 50000/-. which is beneficial for me in terms of turnover or tax matters. and if I have to raise a bill to party as per both scenario, how it will affect bill and tax, where will I suffer loss?

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were you happy with the grades you achieved at a-level?

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What is a accounting entries for entering a invoice

0 Answers   Accenture,

you have get 100RS but no 10RS note is required & there should be only 10 notes

2 Answers  

Please tell me that whose are liable to pay the TDS?

2 Answers   Banking,

in tally software payroll vouchers option is there for what purpose it is used ? please tell me friends.

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Sir, I want to know about Entry Tax. I purchased the Packing Box from other state.the entry tax on the packing items is 5 %.but now sale tax deptt. close the entry tax on barrier. the tax will be deposited with return. sir we want to know can i deposit this entry taxon on CST challan or not. if not then how can i deposit, or which cloumn in return shown this amount. please send the return format my mail ID is

0 Answers   HP,

Describe the proof of cash type of bank reconciliation?

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What are the steps to take before you approve an invoice for payment?

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if issue the share capital what is entry pass the journal

5 Answers  

when we give to payment for contractor what entry pass with tds?

3 Answers