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4_4_4_4 = 20,

what sign should be in _ (dash)fileds((+,-,/,*))

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4_4_4_4 = 20, what sign should be in _ (dash)fileds((+,-,/,*))..

Answer / prakhar

well Archana,
U were very close 2 d answer, but u didn't follow BODMAS
rule. Correct Ans should b - (4/4+4)*4 = 20

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4_4_4_4 = 20, what sign should be in _ (dash)fileds((+,-,/,*))..

Answer / bakya


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4_4_4_4 = 20, what sign should be in _ (dash)fileds((+,-,/,*))..

Answer / piyush

here rules r applied
here r use to probabilty / and *both probability are high
and same
then +and - low probalbility




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4_4_4_4 = 20, what sign should be in _ (dash)fileds((+,-,/,*))..

Answer / shubham padade

=> 16+2+2
=> 20

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4_4_4_4 = 20, what sign should be in _ (dash)fileds((+,-,/,*))..

Answer / sanjaysinh solanki


Without BODMAS this type of problem we can't solve.its necessary to use BODMAS in this type of problem.

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4_4_4_4 = 20, what sign should be in _ (dash)fileds((+,-,/,*))..

Answer / amit


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4_4_4_4 = 20, what sign should be in _ (dash)fileds((+,-,/,*))..

Answer / raajah


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4_4_4_4 = 20, what sign should be in _ (dash)fileds((+,-,/,*))..

Answer / guest


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4_4_4_4 = 20, what sign should be in _ (dash)fileds((+,-,/,*))..

Answer / guest


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4_4_4_4 = 20, what sign should be in _ (dash)fileds((+,-,/,*))..

Answer / pratik


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