Mr. Kamal Kishore rents a private car for Andheri-Colaba-
Andheri trip. It costs him Rs. 300 everyday.

One day the car driver informed Mr. Kamal Kishore that
there were two students from Bandra who wished to go from
Bandra to Colaba and back to Bandra. Bandra is halfway
between Andheri and Colaba. Mr. Kamal Kishore asked the
driver to let the students travel with him.

On the first day when they came, Mr. Kamal Kishore
said, "If you tell me the mathematically correct price you
should pay individually for your portion of the trip, I
will let you travel for free."

How much should the individual student pay for their

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Mr. Kamal Kishore rents a private car for Andheri-Colaba- Andheri trip. It costs him Rs. 300 everyd..

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The individual student should pay Rs. 50 for their journey.

Note that 3 persons are travelling between Bandra and

The entire trip costs Rs. 300 to Mr. Kamal Kishore . Hence,
half of the trip costs Rs. 150.

For Andheri-Bandra-Andheri, only one person i.e. Mr. Kamal
Kishore is travelling. Hence, he would pay Rs. 150.

For Bandra-Colaba-Bandra, three persons i.e Mr. Kamal
Kishore and two students, are travelling. Hence, each
student would pay Rs. 50.

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Mr. Kamal Kishore rents a private car for Andheri-Colaba- Andheri trip. It costs him Rs. 300 everyd..

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