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i 'm new to as/ an interview i was asked this
question.give a practical example for passing information or
data through local data area.
I know only that data area is an object used to store tiny
bits of data or it can store one value at a time and it is
used to store frequently changing values or datas.thats all
i know about data area can any one tell me how local data
area and user defined data area are used to pass data
between jobs with a example or coding.thanks in advance.

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i 'm new to as/ an interview i was asked this question.give a practical example for pas..

Answer / sameer

Every job has an *LDA created by the system. To see the
*LDA of your current session you logged in - DSPDTAARA *LDA.
You can pass the same to other's job LDA by psssing it as
parameter of the program of the job we are calling. This
way informaton floats between different jobs.

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i 'm new to as/ an interview i was asked this question.give a practical example for pas..

Answer / prabhas

Data area is a storage area to store limited information.
Example: a new and unique customer number is generated
whenever a new customer is added to customer master file.
Data area keeps track of last record added and add 1 to it.
Through program we can access new customer number.

To create a data area, use the command CRTDTAARA (Create
Data Area). For example, to create a 100 character data
area named LASTINV#:


Now, load the first 10 positions with the
value "AA12345678" with the CHGDTAARA (Change Data Area)


Look at the value of the data area with DSPDTAARA (Display
Data Area):


A CL program can retrieve the value with RTVDTAARA. An RPG
program uses the "IN" operation to retrieve the value and
the "OUT" operation to change it.

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