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Answer / nzir.ibiotk


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Answer / shailesh ginoya

amber is sinonim of sky.

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The pink color of Bayer’s reagent is discharged when acetylene is passed through it. This is due to the formation of 1 Acetic acid 2 Ethylene 3 Water 4 Oxalic acid

2 Answers  

What are nebulae?

0 Answers  

how is rrb model question paper for science junior engineer gr.II

0 Answers  

where the 3rd earthsummit held

3 Answers   Infosys,

Which of the following metals react with nitrogen at room temperature to form nitride? 1 Sodium 2 Potassium 3 Magnesium 4 None of these

3 Answers  

Why cMadurai is hotter than chennai?

1 Answers  

How does common salt help in separating soap from the solution after saponification ? 1 By decreasing solubility of soap 2 By increasing solubility of soap 3 By decreasing density of soap 4 By increasing density of soap

4 Answers  

The age of most ancient geological formations is estimated by 1 Potassium-argon method 2 Ra-Si method 3 C14method 4 Uranium-lead method

2 Answers  

Which synthetic fiber possesses a ‘drip-dry’ property? 1 Rayon 2 Nylon 3 Silk 4 Terylene

6 Answers  

What is the microbiology ?

8 Answers  

What is the Botany?

3 Answers  

Which is india’s largest nuclear research reactor?

0 Answers