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What is Bug Triage?

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What is Bug Triage?..

Answer / ravikanth

guys I am adding bit more info related to Bug Triage:

Bug Triage Meetings (sometimes called Bug Councils) are
project meetings in which open bugs are divided into
categories. The most important distinction is between bugs
that will not be fixed in this release and those that will
There are three bugs categories - bugs to fix now, bugs to
fix later, and bugs we will never fix.

Triaging a bug involves:
Making sure the bug has enough information for the
developers and makes sense.
Making sure the bug is filed in the correct place.
Making sure the bug has sensible "Severity" and "Priority"

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What is Bug Triage?..

Answer / sangeetha

i) Once the Bugs are posted in Bug tracking tool,Bug triage happens.
ii) It is a process where Issues in bug trackers are Monitored and prioritised.
iii) Triage should helps to ensure that we properly manage all the reported issues (bugs as well as improvements and feature requests)

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What is Bug Triage?..

Answer / priya

The "Severity" and "Priority" of a bug is decided and
based on that a bug is further processed.

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What is Bug Triage?..

Answer / prasanna

the Bug triage is a type of meeting held during some issues
are raised.. The meeting conducted by manager,authors &

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What is Bug Triage?..

Answer / uday

Bug triage is nothing but evaluating the bug, which means
how the bug has raised, how much impact it has on the
application, how much risk is associated with this bug etc...

In practice, when we find a new issue we assign the issue to
triage team(this team knows the functionality very well i.e
PMs, leads). They will evaluate the bug(priority,severiy,
risk etc..), assign the bug to the corresponding
developer.(It is the best practice in my company, not all
the companies follow this).

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