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find odd one out among these 25,36,49,64,81

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find odd one out among these 25,36,49,64,81..

Answer / r.k.batra

ans: 64
because difference b/w 2 digits is even only in 64
25-> 5-2=3
36-> 6-3=3
49-> 9-4=5
64-> 6-4=2 //even
81-> 8-1=7

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find odd one out among these 25,36,49,64,81..

Answer / krishna n dubey

wherever i think 49 is odd one because in its the nos 4 and
9 both are square numbers..and this property is not found in
the other numbers 25 , 36 , 64 , 81

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find odd one out among these 25,36,49,64,81..

Answer / praveena

answer is 64 as sum of all others is odd while 6+4 is even

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find odd one out among these 25,36,49,64,81..

Answer / bragaadeesh

Guys, do not get carried away. These kinds of questions are
asked in interview to test how the brain process works for
the individual.
You can have as many solutions as possible for this problem.

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find odd one out among these 25,36,49,64,81..

Answer / archana_p1990

25 because the two digits 2,5 are prime..!

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find odd one out among these 25,36,49,64,81..

Answer / beulah

the answer is nt 64...take 1st 2.....25 n 36 the differnce
is 11..n then btwen 36 n 49 the dif is 13....n then btwen
49 n 64 it is 15....n last 64 n ther is no odd
as it follow the odd numbers in series...n more over it is
squares of 5*5=25,6*6=36,7*7=49,8*8=64,9*9=81...and hence

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find odd one out among these 25,36,49,64,81..

Answer / aswini

odd one is 81.

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find odd one out among these 25,36,49,64,81..

Answer / santhi

64 bcoz 6,4 both are even numbers

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find odd one out among these 25,36,49,64,81..

Answer / kumar


9 =3^2

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find odd one out among these 25,36,49,64,81..

Answer / swapna

answer is 64

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