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Exilant Interview Questions
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What is the difference between ExecuteUpdate and ExecuteQuery?

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What are limitations of joiner transformation?

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what is the syntax for aggregate awareness?

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implement stack using stack.h headerfile functions

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What is software deployment? how we do software deployment?

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I have two data providers with common dimension and measures. The only difference between two data providers is in condition 'Fiscal Year'.One data provider calculates for current year and other one calculates for previous year. So in prompts if I am passing 2008 as current year then the two data providers should be able to calculate for current year and previous year individually. So Can anybody tell me how to do calculation in data providers. ( I am using BO WebI report )

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Why java Don't Support Multiple interitence

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Three boxes labeled as red, blue and mixed.These labels are box contains red balls and another box contains blue balls and remaining one box contains both red and blue balls. Pickup one ball from any box(u should pickup ball only once) and name the correct labels.

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How to call a stored procedure inside a trigger? Give an example.

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From an Employee table, how will you display the record which has a maximum salary?

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there are 2 hour glass. one is 13min hour glass. another is 8min hour glass. u need to stop a button exactl aftr do u calculate when 18min is passed?

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there is a desert. a professor has to cross it n it takes 6days for him to cross. there are enough food reserves and students who can help d professor cross d desert. each person including professor can carry only 4 food packets with him while crossing the desert. in d desert also, each person can hav at the most 4 packets with him and they need to eat one packet per person per day during their travel. how wil d professor reach the other side of desert??

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there are 6 balls all of same weight except one ball. u r given a weighing balance. in how many trys can u find the ball tat has different weight? (the ball can b heavier or lighter than the rest)

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there are 5 boxes each of which contains coins. all the boxes except one box contains coins whose weight is 100 grams.(each coin weight is 100gm). only one box contains coins tat weigh 90gm each. u r given a digital balance. in how many trys can u find out which box contains 90gm coins?

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a simple compiled code is run on a C compiler as well as java virtual machine. which runs faster and y?

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Un-Answered Questions

V2 SOLUTIONS APTI paper is very easy there are 3 sections 1'st is quant problem on age train traveling speed is given length of train is given we have to find out length of bridge then prob on calender one date is given on Friday hv to find out day of othe date ans is Friday then there was 1 prob on percentage which was very easy ans was 21340 then 2’nd section was english grammer had has been being like that hv to fill in the blanks was very wasy then last section was find relative words there was five Q 1 pant ANS:-breath 2inquire ans :- ask And 3 more out of that 1 ‘s ans was:- body 4 And others ans was :-through THEN THEY HAVE GD There was three topics 1 should we allow india’s talent to go to abrod 2 protest against seperate state is justify 3 inturuption of politics in cricket Thats all guys i cleared both the rounds now preparing 4 interview best of luck


what is investment banking


elicit areas of development


how can i change access to a user who is having access for SPRO display only to change access in sPro


What type of question are asked in GE code writing test based on c++ data structures and pointers?




what is Hardy weinberg Equilibrium?


how to find impedance , mutual indatnce in transmission lines


we have sale material to party and freight paid by us. This freight charged in sale invoice than what is the entry of service tax in this case.


Can anybody tell me what are the tuning problems?


What you know about Product proposal, why we use it? Where we use it?


safety of centeral chiller plant


how can db_files > maxdatafiles since db_files is for instance and the later is for database


briefly explain the main blocks found in a microprocessor based system


how to test and calculat the head and discharge in borewell compressor


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