shares & debentures ?

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shares & debentures ?..

Answer / vipul chauhan

share and debentures both are different the company first
of all can issue the share and there after issue the
debentures main different dividend payable on share and
interest payble on debenture and if the company does not
arise the profit the dividend not payable but interest on
debenture is compulasry if not incurred the profit
debenture must be remmed the within the time limit and
share can be paid after dissolution of the company

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shares & debentures ?..

Answer / baaq

shares :- any of the equal portions into which the capital
stock of a corporation is divided and ownership of which is
evidenced by a stock certificate.

Debentures :- a loan bond issued by a company, a
certificate or voucher acknowledgment a debt.

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shares & debentures ?..

Answer / triloksharma71

SHARES- 1.share holder is the real owner of the
company.share holder have not fixed dividend rate.share
holder have not maturity period.share are not
redeemed.shares are more volatile.share holder have high
risk.share holder have high return.share holder have right
on residial income.share face value is Rs 10/each.
DEBENTURE-1.debenture holder is the creditor of a
company.they have fixed rate of interest.they have a
maturity period.they dont have right to vote.debentures are
redeemed.they are not volatile.they have no risk.they have
low return.debenture face value is Rs-100/each

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