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Insight Interview Questions
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what are the procedures of paying service tax and vat?

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What motivates you to transition from academia to data science?


Create a program in a language of your choice to read a text file with various tweets. The output should be 2 text files-one that contains the list of all unique words among all tweets along with the count for repeated words and the second file should contain the medium number of unique words for all tweets.


Which companies participating in Insight would you be interested in working for?


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how can u integrate ejb and hibernate? How can u call hibernateDAO methods in session bean?


I just want to convert the voltage into current i.e. suppose I have 750V & 1A AC power then I want to convert it into 12V & 62A DC power only difficulty is that I don't want to use the tranceformer. Simply to say, I want to make the step-down without using tranceformer. Please, give me some ideas. And also I want the relation between Magnetic Induction & Weight of the body can be levitated. Or I can say, how much of magnetic induction requires to lift 500gms weight? I am heartily thankful to you.


1. The controlling department wants to see depreciation amount on internal orders. Which customizing setting do you need to make in asset accounting?(any 3 answer) Make the internal order in active assignment object. Make the internal order an account assignment object for the depreciation run. Set the field internal order to required or optional in the screen layout. Enhance relevant transfer variant by adding the field internal order. Assign the field internal order to account determination.


hi i m tarun from gr.noida i m p.g.d.m.(finance)i want know what is the work as a finace and what is the differernt between c.a&m.b.a.(finance)my id hai. (


hi send me sample aptitude papers of cts?


Define GDP? What is the current GDP rate in the economy?


What is the likely exit IPO or M&A? - Venture Capitalists


Did you ever ran into a lop sided job that resulted in out of memory error


How did you decide to go into architecture and what did you do to prepare for this field of work?


write sql query vertical to horiozontal following table id name 1 100 2 dinesh 3 india 1 101 2 suresh 3 india 1 103 2 prakesh 3 usa i want output like id name country 100 dinesh india 101 suresh india 103 prakesh usa


Why 15Amp. MCB is suitable to carry load of 1.5Ton Ac please Explain?


Why superheated are started before I'd and rd fan?


in Sensex and Nifty, what is the measure to take the points


what is Forward,Reverse and Re_engineering?


What is the unit standard weight,thicknessof C.I>Pipe of various Dia upto200 MM(as per IS1538)


Insight Interview Questions
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