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can u give me the sample bug report

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can u give me the sample bug report..

Answer / fatimaxaidi

A bug report should have following information in it:
1- Bug ID
2- Test Case ID
3- Severity Level (Low, Medium, High)
4- Priority Level (1,2,3)
5- Date Reported
6- Status (Fail, Pass, Explained, Scenario Eradicated)
7- Description
8- Date Closed
9- Developer's Comments

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can u give me the sample bug report..

Answer / ramyasri


Bug Name: Application crash on clicking the SAVE button
while creating a new user.
Bug ID: (It will be automatically created by the BUG
Tracking tool once you save this bug)
Area Path: USERS menu > New Users
Build Number: Version Number 5.0.1
Severity: HIGH (High/Medium/Low) or 1
Priority: HIGH (High/Medium/Low) or 1
Assigned to: Developer-X
Reported By: Your Name
Reported On: Date
Reason: Defect
Status: New/Open/Active (Depends on the Tool you are using)
Environment: Windows 2003/SQL Server 2005

Thanks & regards

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can u give me the sample bug report..

Answer / shobhit tyagi

1. bug ID
3.steps to reproduce
5. Expected output
6. Actual output
7. Severity ( critical, major,average,minor, enhancement)
8. Priority (high , low)

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