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what is test case scenario?

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what is test case scenario?..

Answer / uday kumar_anem

People use test case scenario and test scenario

Test Case: A smallest possible portion of a functionality.
Test Scenario: A collection of test cases for one

We can say collection of test scenarios as one Use Case.

Some people use test scenario and test case are often used

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what is test case scenario?..

Answer / harinee

Scenario is a collection of test case which is derived from
one particular scope point(functionality)

Test case scenario is a collection of test case which is
derived from one particular Scenario.

Eg: Scope Point(Functionality) : Login
Test Scenario : Verify whether the user
able to Login into the application
Test case scenario : Check whether the user id
and password entered allows the user to navigate to next
screen(validation for USEr ID and PASSWORD)

Correct me if i am wrong.

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what is test case scenario?..

Answer / rajendra

Set of test cases is called an test case scenario.
We can describe a test case scenario with multiple test

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