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Answer / sarika vatsa

GUI testing or we can say its a functional testing is
testing of the application’s user interface that determines
how the application and the user interact and whether the
application performs properly. This typically includes how
the application handles keyboard and mouse input and how it
displays screen text, images, buttons, menus, dialog boxes,
icons and toolbars. Functional testing is commonly done by
human testers, but is made a lot easier and more reliable
by automated testing tools like QTP and TEST COMPLETE.

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Answer / neeba sebastian

In computer science, GUI software testing is the process of
testing a product that uses a graphical user interface, to
ensure it meets its written specifications. This is normally
done through the use of a variety of test cases.

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Answer / madhu patchala

GUI means "Graphical user inter face test" in thus process the tester has to test user friendly ness of the software build screens,and some below factors
1)look and feel
2)easy interface
3)easy to use

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Answer / narandra

GUI means graphical user interface
in GUI testing is of two types
1) alpha testing
2)beta testing

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Answer / narandra

GUI means graphical user interface
in GUI testing is of two types
1) alpha testing
2)beta testing

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Answer / dinesh somwanshi

Testing which perform the Graphical useer testing that is
called as GUI testing

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Answer / jayapal

In GUI testing we will check the look and feel of each page
in the application by using requirement documents.

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