Changepond placement papers --------- placement paper 1

Changepond placement papers --------- placement paper 1..

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Changepond placement papers

There were two sections Aptitude Technical

changepond Aptitude questions

1. If m-4 is 7 more than n then m+9 is how
much more than n+2

2. If 10x coins are added to the no. of
original coins he has (5y + 1) times more coins. Find out
how many coins he
had originally in terms of x and y

3. Find out the Simple Interest paid for a
sum of $4000 at the rate of 8% per annum for 3 months.

4. If it takes 10 technicians working 6
hours to build a server. They start woring at 11 AM and 1
technician is
added per hour starting at 5 PM. At what time they will
finish the server?

5. A chart was there giving the speed of
train after some minutes like
0 30 60 90 120 150 180
40 45 50 55 60 65 70

6. Find the % increase in the speed of

7. If it is extrapolated further what
will be the speed after 5 hrs.

8. If the data is for 10 bogies and for
every 2 bogies added speed decreases by 5% what will be the
speed after 5

9. The type of questions where Both stmt
are necessary First one is sufficient in itself?..? What is
the perimeter of the quadrilateral?

10. The quadrilateral is rectangle

11. The area of the quadrilateral is 36 What
is a*b

12. 6a+4b=43

13. 3a+12b=63

14. The house is big and lovely but since
nobody uses it it is pretty much a white Elephant What does
White Elephant mean?

15. Sometime they irritate me because they are
up with the lark whereas I like to lie in What does Up with

Changepond Technical questions

1. What exception can an overridden method
throw in comparison with the method it is overriding?

2. What does parseQueryString return?

3. Anonymous classes ? Can they have

4. what is wrong with this
abstract class MyClass
transient a,
synchronized b.

5. How can an inner class access the
members of outer class?

6. Find the output:
String a=?abc?;
String b=?abc?;
If a.equals(b)

7. Find the output Code showing Call by
reference and call by value was given Array was used.

8. Some For stmts was given Mark all valid

9. byte b=1
While(++b > 0);

Changepond placement papers

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