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what is type dataset?

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what is type dataset?..

Answer / sandeep singh shekhawat

There are two type of Data set

When We create dataset programmely taht is weak type data set.
like DataSet ds=new DataSet();

But when We Create a DataSet using XML Schema(Xsd) that is called strong type data set that has extension .xsd
and create when we do working with LINQ to XML.

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what is type dataset?..

Answer / radheshaym

A typed dataset is derived from the Dataset class and has an
associated XML schema, which is created at the time of
creation of the datset.
An Untyped dataset does not have any associated XML shema.In
an untyped dataset,the tables and columns are represented as
collections.Because an XML shema is not created for an
untyped datset,the structure of an untyped dataset is not
known during compilation.

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what is type dataset?..

Answer / shiva

Dataset is collection of datatables.the collection generaly
represented as *)tables-rows-columns-constraints
DataSet ds;//declre variable

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