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What type of security testing you will do on banking

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What type of security testing you will do on banking website...

Answer / purni

There are many types of security testing on the banking website.
1. User ID and password should be entered correctly.
2. Password should encrypted into database.
3. Everyone has only two changes to log in into there
session. if they fail to do so (means if they enter the
password or userid incorrectly), banking session will be
locked for further trying.
4. After we log in and open the session if it is inactive
for some time, the session will time out.
5. And finally the navigation of the pages.

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What type of security testing you will do on banking website...

Answer / prabhakar

i hope this is correct answer.

1)Whether the password correctly encrypting into ourdatabase.
2)Authentication test.It contains whether the user is valid
or not.
3)Page navigations its.suppose i am transaction page,i want
to back another page using navigation buttons.

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What type of security testing you will do on banking website...

Answer / dilip

1)It should not accept wrong id and password.
2)Password should be encrypted.
3)Card should be blocked after trying the max attempt for

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