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if devloper change only button names in present build then
script will execute or not , why? Only gui changed.......

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if devloper change only button names in present build then script will execute or not , why? Only ..

Answer / sandesh sawant

It may or may not, depending on how that button was
initialy recognize. As question suggest only GUI is been
changed. So properties like button name, html id, html tag
will remain same. So if button was initialy uniqly
recognize using these property then it wil not giv error.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

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if devloper change only button names in present build then script will execute or not , why? Only ..

Answer / raj

If name is the only unique property for recognizing the
button then it will give error. But say if you have
different object identification property like html id. then
script will work without error.

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