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Sify Interview Questions
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How can I execute a PHP script using command line?

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How can I embed a java programme in PHP file and what changes have to be done in PHP.ini file?

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How to enable the text check point in qtp? By default it is disables

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write test cases on calculator

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Sify .Net Second Round of Interview With Chennai Sify --- 26-07-07

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What is RTM

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Why we should use delta connection in primary and star connection in an distribution transformer, which converts 400v a.c. voltage to 33kv.

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how to troubleshoot when protocols is down and link is not getting up

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what is the meaning of the HT LT transformer?

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how to get the table names via c sharp and column names also?

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what is troubleshooting ?

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I would like to know what all question do they ask for ITIL Consultant?


what is the error we get if one of the disk is failed in raid1 how can i restore the data from another disk

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what is the difference between Layer 3 switch and Router

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In Generator How suction compression power and exhaust works ?


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Un-Answered Questions

Can any one say what exact diff between test->parameters, action properties-> parameters. after defining the parameters in test->settings, how can we access those parameters.(i know how to use action prop parameters)


what is windows azure platform?


How to find the selected radio button immediately using the 'this' variable?


Is register a keyword in c?


Explain the structure of artificial neural networks?


Is mongodb scalable?


What are the differences between stored procedure and view in sql server?


How do you create an index in an excel spreadsheet?


What are angular 2 directive?


Give an account of Double-Thymidine Block for Hela Cells ?


In cats yellow is due to gene B and black to its allele b. These genes are located on the X chromosome (sex-linked). The heterozygous results in calico (tortoise shell). What kinds of offspring (sex & color) are expected from the cross: black male & calico female? Most calico males are sterile, why?


What do u mean by append?


How can an application do a jms operation and have it succeed, independent of the result of the transaction?


Can we write winrunner language i.e TSL in QTP tool?


what is the difference between list and crosstab?