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Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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what about speak asia ROC ?


What goals do you have in your career?

FMCG, Hindustan Unilever Limited,

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What goals do you have in your career?

Holiday Inn,


Term and condition of C&F agency of TMT saria


How will you Present your self among the clients for better relationships?



why you want to change your job where as you have joined your company just 3 months back



differences between marketing&sales

FMCG, IBM, Sun Pharma,

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Why should we choose GDM-1 High Precision Inclinometer

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How to make the waste industrial oil reusable

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Which brand insulating oil tester is the best

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why are you join in cipla company?

Alembic, BASF, CEAT, Cipla,


What is difference between super stockist and distributor

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hi iam working as a pharma marketing professional getting 40k month i was in this field for 5 yrs ,and iam nearing to my next level as reginal manager where i can earn up to 60k/month ,but i want to know what will be the salary for bank pos and what and all the othe benifits and growth pattern and benofits mplz do help me


What is Market Measurement and Forecasting...?



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what i have lear by doing mba


How would you deal with the older members of the organization who are adamant but have to report to you?


how can i crack the interview with the combination of and PGDM ?...what are the tips i should followed


how will you handle two very important companies at the same time same day?


How to gain more profit with even less sales?


How many times have you been blamed for the shortage of achievements?


why should we select you?


How would your present prospects and customers describe you as their sales representative?


What are the steps taken to define marketing entities and retail selling?




What interests you about sales position?


How will you make a call to a potential customer to sell your products?


What is the current rate of dollar today? Explain the effects of the stock market over the retail market.


Which was the largest sale that you have lost?


How do you check the reliability of a measure that is being used for a multi - item scale