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Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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what is the way your business



why you are joined in the marketing?

Abbott, Varun Motors,

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If at all any offer with more package you get after a period of 3 to 6 months what would be your desicion ?


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i complited my mba (marketing & hr)in 2008.i have total 3 yers/exeperience actully iam getting now 1.2 lakh per/year present i want to change my job, so i attend the interview in mother dairy,asked what is ur expected ctc i said 1.8 lakh/year he asked why r u expecting that much but i can't said any thing,plese friend if u know good answer plese send me

Mother Dairy,

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why u leave current job

Mother Dairy,

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why r u expecting 50% growth salar?

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why you want to join our organisation?


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What do know about LIC and profile of DSE.


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why you want to join LIC as DSE?


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how will you sell a mobile ?

ICICI, Spencers,

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why you want to change from hardware sector to fmcg sector

ICICI, Reliance,

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what is the most important part of men only


how u choose commerce as a stream


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hai this is raghu i'm working in 4wheeler automobile company as a sales consultant ,can anyone tell me how to handle the custamer at first visit & how to close the deal ? plz tell me anyone how to overcome this problems ? my mail id is "" send any suggestions to this mail id


why do you choose marketing


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what is the market share how to do calculation plz give exple ?


You are out to sell, what is your objective?


How much of your current client base consists of repeats and referrals?


why you are looking to change your job?


Suppose when you are unsure of the outcome when trying a new idea, how do you react?


whats the differance between ABM and MR.


How are these services essential for a company?


function of body system


Tell me what should you assume about your co-workers if you want to delegate successfully?


what i say about my positive attitude in interview with example ?


describe types of customers you often contact at work


With whom should you partner to help support this shift to customer-centricity?


Define discount orientation & upscale orientation


Do you have any supervisory skills?


hi iam working as a pharma marketing professional getting 40k month i was in this field for 5 yrs ,and iam nearing to my next level as reginal manager where i can earn up to 60k/month ,but i want to know what will be the salary for bank pos and what and all the othe benifits and growth pattern and benofits mplz do help me