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Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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how to increase sales in inflation?

Asian Paints, ICICI,

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I'm graduate in Science(Botany). I have 9+ experience in Insurance & Financial Adviser and I'm doing MBA through distance learning. Some one has advised me .. take a extensive training on SAP Functional Module. But I am confused which module will be suitable for me. Please someone suggest me.. and from where I can take training on SAP functional ? and that also should provide Placement

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do you consider yourself a result driven person,if yes why?

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Why you want tochose this compeny

Cadila, Cipla, FDC, TATA,

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What is niche marketing?

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why you have not joined in your father business?

Birla Cement, ICICI, JCT Electronics,

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Why did you select sales as a career?

HDFC, Reliance, T3 Softwares,

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What is the most difficult part of a sales process?

Banking, Samsung, T3 Softwares,

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What is difference between Channal partner & autroized distubutor ?


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what is the meaning of blue chip companies?

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How is distributor model different from C&f agent?


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what is the difference between a cash memo and a bill ?

IIM, Monster,

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why did you do MBA after your B.Sc. in Biotechnology? why you didnt go for

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In what way do you think, our Group meets your career objectives ?


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What is meant by OEM ?


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Un-Answered Questions { Marketing Sales }

Describe a typical day for you.


if you are handling distribution network,could you tell me yourself on that field ? and also tell me ROI at the point of Company ,Wholeseller,retailers.


Tell me what are your long term career goals?


What do you like and dislike about the products or services you’re selling now and why?


Which was the most difficult sale you made?


I am at starting stage,so how could i prepare for my management interviews?


what is your technique of selling? How do u manage distributor? How do u manage stock in SS?


What are the essential elements of CAPM?


Tell me what is more important, product or customer service?


What is your biggest strength and what else do you need to improve in your skills to come to a satisfactory level?


i am sumit did be and mba i was working with icici pru for 8 months now want tto switch out from insurance but find i difficults as interviewer as k u did b ein computers now working in insurance again u want to come out u have no stability and u stay fo very less time in a company.pls help me how ro handle this questions.


Which of the entry level jobs in marketing would you prefer - sales, business development, marketing assistant, etc? And why?


Give a relationship between concept, Hypothesis and Theory. What are the Salient features and classifications?


2. Tell me about a time when you had to use your presentation skills to influence someone’s opinion.


why you did'nt select in campus placement ?