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Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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what is the market share formula?

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What type of sales cycle is most rewarding to you? A long cycle for a big ticket item or a series of smaller, more frequent sales.


what is channel sales management how it works and what is the role of channel partner and their roi ?

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why B2B sales?

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why sales is required

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sales & marketing


How to increase the sales volume of any Product in the market.


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what is marketing ?

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Dear Sir, Please advice to us; the description / specification data of Alstom Motor AC part number P/n.91420579P021, the specification: 3 Phase, Power rating: 11.5Hp, Revolutions: 860Rpm, Voltage rating: 460VAC, Frequency: 60Hz, Current Rating: 17A, Service factor: 0.82SF, class: F. (2 shaft MOTOR AC-Left and right). Regards Haryanto


1-what is difference between sales and marketing

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How you will appoint a new distributor????


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Relation bettwen HR and Marketing?


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What is the present repo and reverse repo rate.

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I have a question. Can you please please HELP me !!!....Is it harder to obtain new customers or keep the old ones?

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how to increase sales in inflation?

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What is the aim of a marketing analyst?


Tell us a time you led a group of people, the primary challenges you faced and how you handled them?


what i say about my positive attitude in interview with example ?


Suppose you met a celebrity customer, what will your reaction be?


Discuss the steps involved in Business Research decision- making process.


How do you want to contribute to the field of marketing?


in retail bussiness if we want the first and last visit of the customer and the total purchase amount of the customer.then what's the syntax in proc report. whats is the difference between the proc tabulate and proc report?i want the major difference which will effect?


What is total customer value?


What is routine response?


What is your U.S. geographic preference?


What is limited decision making?


Pl list NIFTY TOP 10 shares


Is your objective to sell the company or the product when target marketing a customer directly?


write the test cases for facility module in business field?


What % of your time is spent on a daily basis working with the sales employees?