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Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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What is Budgeting, sales forecasting, Strategic planning? Please I know theoratical answer! Give me a practical answer? with examples! Thanks in Advance

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What is a difference between a practitioner and an MBA MARKETER! IF BOTH are earning same in one company? Both are respected same in a company? MBA professional gets annoyed.... Why I did MBA? If someone else without it can do the same job? In some cases! Practitioner are earning better..... WHY? BEFORE WORLD introduced MBA,s! Companies were running and people were selling!..... then WHY MBA marketers especially? One practitioner says! There is no need for MBA marketers? What should be the answer?...... ;)

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What is the difference between invoice and billing

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I am doing PGDM in dual specilisation With Marketing and HR.But i have done my summer intrenship in HR while i want to go in marketing but that time intervier ask me that if you have done your summer intrenship in HR then why do you want to go in Marketing?

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what is marketsegment ?

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why marketing is process of gardening not hunting?


how will you handle two very important companies at the same time same day?

HDFC, Magna Infotech,


if the customer is dissatisfied with the service of ur company, how will you handle the customer? write the steps


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what is general insurance? name 5 types of general insurance.

Bharti AXA Life Insurance, Government, HDFC, ICICI,

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what is networking in marketing?


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what is funneling the suspects?

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What test can be created by you if the area is new for the company?

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How you calculate Return on Investment on wholesalers



By using 7p's of marketing how can i sell a product?


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By using 7p's how can u sell a HLL product?

Airtel, HLL,


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What makes a sales person good seller?


Do you think that your interpersonal skills are very good for this job profile?


How to convince a person to open a demat a/c?


What are the different financial statements used during sales?


How do you take challenges?


What is the role of a marketing professional in the development of a firm?


Why you change job in March this time is increment time


what are the key job responsbilites of area mamager in pharma


Which of the entry level jobs in marketing would you prefer - sales, business development, marketing assistant, etc? And why?


What makes you different from any other salesman?


Share one incident where the sales job would be a learning experience for you?


What is your biggest strength and what else do you need to improve in your skills to come to a satisfactory level?


Give a relationship between concept, Hypothesis and Theory. What are the Salient features and classifications?


Suppose if you decided to delegate what type of instructions would you give your staff?


Do you like to take orders from supervisors and execute them or prefer to have your own freedom in whatever you do?