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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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When electric field is parallel to the plane of incidence, the electromagnetic wave is said to be a.Linearly polarized b.circularly polarized c. Elliptically polarized d. Hyperbolically polarized

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´╗┐Due to velocity saturation, MOSFET reaches saturation a.Before Pinch off b. After pinch off c. At Q point d. Before Q point e. After Q point

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Which system use dc to dc high voltage gain A. Solar system B. Battery backup

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Natural frequency in the control system represents nature of a. Transient response b. Oscillations c. Overshoot d. Speed of responce

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Which thing is maximum in RLC circuit at resonance a)power consumption b)inductive current c)capacitive voltage


which theorem is used to analyse fault a)thevinin b)Norton c)Superposition d)jordan


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For high frequency application we use which transformer?


For overhead protection we use which transformer?


Which fault is caused by lightening and thuderstorm a. Line to line fault b. Single line to ground fault c. Double line to ground fault

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Which modulation has higher data rates c.qam d.qpsk


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An active element is one which a. Supplies energy b. Absorbs energy c. Supplies energy and convert energy from one form to another


The ripple frequency in output of fullwave bridge rectifier is a. Half the input b. Twice the input c. Same as input


Less cost of delta connection over star connection a. No fourth neautral wire

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Transmission lines usually use a.3 phase b.2 phase c. Single phase

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In aerodynamic turbines which element is NOT there a.stator b.compressor c. Fuel intake system


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What are the advantages of stationary armature and rotating field system?


Is there chopping current in resistive circuit


how balanced in star delta connection ?


What is the abbreviation of NGT panel


What is the difference in calculating size of AC cables compared to calculating size of DC Cables? Usually DC Cables are larger than AC Cables although they have the same ampacity. Why is it?


how to select the automotive wire size by mathematical calculation. for xenon headlamp with ballast. the ballast given data voltage 10-17v,current permenant 6amp, run up phase is 15amp, peak at swicth on max 400micro sec is 40amp.the sum of cable resistance is 150mohm.please provide referenc document if any for relating the peak at switch on current,time & wire wire size


how to determine the inrush current of a transformer


Differentiate between real and apparent power?


what is the solution for meger test failed the MV cable?


What is the difference between a 3 winding and 2 winding Potential Transformer


Dry type transformers


How to calculate mf when meter equipment and meter are connected


How does an induction motor start?


what is earthing transformer? draw the winding dia.of earthing transformer.


what will happen if multimeter(selector switch at DC voltage) and terminal at current is connected to DC supply?