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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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can we use ac ameter as dc ameter with ct

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How will you calculate the correct KWH value if your CT is 600/5 and your KWH meter is rated for 100/5


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what is meant by transformer oil temparature

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Why don't connect earth wire to elcb?if earth fault occur,how will detect it

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if single phase is having 220v supply then why three phase is having 440v instead of 660v?


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Fantio of tranformer



What is the basic difference between directional and non directional over current protection?

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In an electrical power supply,why if neutral phase of a 3phase supply fail over current occur but if it's single phase supply neutral phase fail low current occur? 

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why transformer rating comes in kva?

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I have 440v power coming to facility,( not being used ) can I buy large generator, (gas) to sell power back to electrical co.



exact definition of reactive power in power system


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why conductors of low tensile strength 1)produce greater sag and 2)can not be used for larger spans

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What is multiplying factor of meter if the meter ctr and ptr is open type?

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We order Dyn 5 distribution transformer to a company. What arrives is Dyn 11. Is it ok to use this transformer. It will be installed alone.

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in transformer input is d.c signal which type of emf is induced

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I want d.g.set our company


From past few months I am getting lagging pf even though sufficient capacitors used in circuit. Where is the problem pls answer


what is the difference b/w UHVDC and HVDC(LIGHT)?


What is Diff btw Fire Alarm & VESDA System???


Control wiring of a dol starter for forward and backward


Why can't we parallel the secondary circuits of two voltage transformers?


How does a tertiary winding filter harmonic(espcially 3rd one) from entering into load system?


Either It Possible a dc Motor to Run On Ac Drive [ Ex : ACS 800 , Yaskawa F7 ] If it is Possible How Pls Inform Me


use of choke in APFC panels


sir vizag steel ka junior trainee ka paper kitne number ka ayega


give some advantages and disadvantages of combiniing the session, presentation, and application layer in the osi model into one single application layer in the internet model


I have iti elec, 1st aid, and 5 yrs experience in 7.5 mw power plant. Am i eligeble for 11kv license in telangana state..when, how to apply for that.?


in battery charging room we find two fuses (one in positive other in negative cables ).why it is so?one fuse is ore than sufficient?


What do you mean by the zone of protection?


What will happen if the d.c. Machine is operated below rated speed?