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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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if 6 earth pit value is 1.5 ohm then what should be the number of earth pit to make the value .8 ohm


Why infinite busbar has zero resistance and high mechanical inertia?

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Why the transformers making noise?


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In Indian Railways , how the AC motor is driven? Please explain clearly starting from the overhead 25kV supply.

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In Indian Household, generally we receive 220V AC single phase supply. But AC has 2 phases, +ve & -ve. So in +ve half cycle current is what happens in the -ve half cycle?? Please illustrate.


In a 132KV Grid Station where voltage level is 132KV, here,  why the rating of Surge arrests installed 120KV ? 

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what is the best way to start a 15 KW motor for pump star-delta or direct on line ? and from how many KW i must use direct on line ?

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which has more heat effect(dc or ac)


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How can we prevent the (Home)inverter supply flow to the main supply line?


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how to calculate KA rating of C.B?explain with Formula.

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what is the difference between skin effect


what is the temperature rise test? explain in brief.with formula.

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What's mean HVF & HAF in Vacuum Circuit Breaker?

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we want to feed 3 phase supply to 70 ton AC load.what will be the size of (3 phase)cable require.


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why transformer not used to starter

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how does a shunt reactor maintains the bus voltage???


The slip during plugging operation is given by= A 1-s B 2+s C 1+s D 2-s


How 48-relay (incomplete sequence) functions?


What are the disadvantages of autotransformer?


what will be happen if earth point is being used for as a neutral point for raw power , and same will be used for ups earthing


What type of DC motor would you see for a lift?


What is the normal phase difference between the voltage and the no-load current in a transformer?


in dc shunt motor if field winding is shorted then


what is the prosses for getting of 33kv licence (i have completed my engineering degree & working in 33kv substation for contract basis )????


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After taking shutdown of 11kv feeder, if you see 5kv by phasing stick in the cable side, is it possible to close earth switch in cable.


how is positive, negative, zero sequence is happen.. how is effect on 3 phase system


why the name trunking bus PT


what is ground fault in ACB?


what is the difference between electrical and electronic choke?