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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the Load Capacity of Panther conductor (0.2) and dog conductor (0.1)

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explain 100 percent and 95 percent earth faults

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what will be project cost for 100 kv transformer connection under oyt scheme.


why star 2 delta or delta to star preferred mostly then star to star and delta to delta ?

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What is electrical cable termination



what is the difference between ground, earth and neutral?????????....

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describe the fully control circuit diagram of ac drives


what is broken conductor indication


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what is meant by CT burden = 10 VA?

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what are the advantages and disadvantages of speed control of 3 phase induction motor by varying frequency explain with drawing

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what is the voltage level which is used in transformer short circuit test

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draw the full wave and half wave circuit of 3 phase system and inverter circuit used in ups 


draw the restricted earth fault protection circuit install on power transformer and identify its parameters and draw C/C curve of it


- two pumps must work with them at the same time but if the first pump start the second pump  must delayed for some time to start  also , with motor rated power = 90 KW and rated voltage = 380 V and rated power factor = 0.85 lag please draw the power and control circuit for it and determine all circuit components parameters that you use it


How can we choose the rating of submersible motors


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

I am having dual speed motor of cromton greaves make of 3.7 KW -1400 rpm and 5 KW - 900 rpm. Please let me know groups and winding connction for rewinding purpose.


how to check regenerative load in drived motor


Why synchronous motor is used in power factor improvement,dc series in lift


Please help me regarding my one concern. - During earth pit testing we noticed that the Clean earth pit and dirty earth pit showing continuity (Resistance value - 5ohm) . I want to know that if both earth pit have separate location and there is not internal looping between PIT then why such continuity is showing on it . Because of this issue the field side all earthing point showing short. In PLC panel we are providing two types of earthing cable which is coming from separate earth pit (Clean and Dirty earth pit) because of earth PIT showing short our PLC is not complying spec . please help regarding this issues.


how can calculate 1kva generator running time in 1 liter keroscene


what is meaning of sympathetic tripping with respect to relays and give the values for current carrying capacities for copper and aluminium cables from 16sq mm to 500sq mm


In CTs tan delta point should be earthed , what is the reason behind it?


what is the formula to calculate voltage drop/loss on 66KV Transmission Line?


what is the meaning of osr in transformer.


Draw a SLD for main panel for school having connected load of 1200kw and emergency generator 200kw.also show the increase of additional load of chiller 225kw in the lv panel indicating meter postion size of transformer ,cables and capacitor bank.


hello friends this is krunal here.. i have applied for he officer train in hpcl electrical stream.. any one who have applied before for electrical stream please help me out.. post ur reply to my mail id: any tips, old questions for paper or any help will do.. plz help me.. your faithfully, Krunal Darji


How earthing/grounding done in aeroplanes and ships.


which model T or pie model is prefarable in power syatem


I have been using an 600VA with 0.6 p.f UPS with my desktop which has 450W power supply unit. Can anyone explain how can this happen . Because the output of the UPS is 360W (600*0.6) (<450W)


What will happen if i used 11KV earth ht kit to 11 KV / 11 KV cable termination?