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  • Genpect interview questions (6)

Genpect Interview Questions
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Tell me how did you spend your last weekend.

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what are the advantages and disadvantages of speed control of 3 phase induction motor by varying frequency explain with drawing


why you want this job (specialy when you go for first interview and changeing the industries)

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what is asset in accounting

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difference between outstanding and accrued exp.?

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Why do you want to join Genpact?


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How are fishing communities affected by emergencies?


1) There is a singing competition for children going to be conducted at a local club. Parents have been asked to arrive at least an hour before and register their children’s names with the Program Manager. Whenever a participant registers, the Program Manager has to position the name of the person in a list in alphabet order. Write a program to help the Program Manager do this by placing the name in the right place each time the Program Manger enters a name. 2) the Event Manager has to send participants to the stage to perform in the order in which they registered. Write a program that will help the Event Manager know who to call to the stage to perform. The Logic should be in Data Structures


describe one of your memorable day? how is education useful for any body?


sir,i m mech. engg final year student, please send me technical test question with answer for gail,bhel,sail& also useful for other psu exam. thank you....


The largest size of paper used in plotter to print the drawing made by Autocad .


How we calculate the recovery of steam as per coal in a boiler if we know the calorific value of coal?


What is ignition module of a CAT Gas Genset G-3508 Engine, Alternator SR4B Series. HOw its checked for correct functioning.Is it repiarable or replacable?


Pull the best out of people Put other people above yourself Challenge ideas from another viewpoint Passionate about people Dedication to serving others Pushing people past their limits Never give up Generous of sharing Make other people feel important Thinking outside the box Alternative thinking Complete honesty Wealth of information Easily accessible Work long hours Finding the right answers Working with all ages Dealing with tough situations Making the rounds with other people Compassionate for what people need Diverse in decision Step outside self


What interests you about this job?


How would you rate your professional skills?


hey, i am confused with ece n cse..both attract me the same..just that wich one has higher placements n pay pakages n which one has higher scope after doing mba??..reply urgently..


What is rms value wher it is used??????????


Which marketing research tools and techniques did you used?


What is the support of mobile devices for WMLScript?


why dont we assign not null constraint as table level constraint.


Genpect Interview Questions
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