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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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when a pure dc signal is sent through a moving iron meter, what will it read?? dc or rms?? when a variable dc signal is sent through a moving iron meter, what will it read?? dc or rms??


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what is an isolation transformer??? what is its purpose??? what happens if it is not used where it should be used?????

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how does the terminal voltage of transmission lines increase when a capacitor is connected???? This happens not only in transmission lines but also in all circuits. How??? When a capacitor is connected in a transmission line, capacitor also takes energy from the same supply. But how is it able to increase the terminal voltage??? Practically What sequence of events happen during increase in voltage???


design of IGBT firing circuit for 11KV


what is the difference between oil surge relay and buchholz relay.

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why we use the 100% and 95% stator earth fault protection for the synchronus generator ?

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Why 36 KV LA is used in 33 KV Line and 9 KV LA is Used in 11 KV Line

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How seriving & testing of the HT & LT breakers are done. What are the standard Ir values on which we can come to know the test is passed or failed?


what are the standard IR values should be of R-E, Y-E, B-E, R-Y, Y-B, B-R of VCB in closed condition and in open condition for 500KVA & 1000KVA transformers. and what is the acceptable range when tested by 5000V megger.



Why VCB is required and ACB is also require? what is the BDV of Trafo of 11/33 KV

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While testing a ZCT what parameters have to check or measure?

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as a electrical student why should i hire you?



grr resistance & contrator malt continuous

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super position theorem is applicable to

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a 120 60 watt incandescent lamp has to be operated from 50 c/sec 1 phase ac supply. in order to do this a circuit element has to be connect in series with the lamp. which one of the following sries element is preferable.


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How to distinguish whether MCB is DC or AC looking at it physically


What is the difference between cylindrical-type and sandwich-type winding?


Is there a diode made that works with AC 120 volt 20 amp? If so can it completely stop all current flow in 1 direction at all times?


I am going to appear for the RRB Chennai Section Engineer online exam. Please send me the question papers from 2001 to date to my mail,plz send me ,or send any other rrb papers plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I would like to know that the fault curretn at base load and at 10% generation will be same? Fault level of BUS remain same with different generation?


Batteries. What is the difference between Lead and Nickel batteries ?


How do i carry out or know the vector group of a Dyn1 and Dyn5 transformer


why zero sequence impedance measurement is not applicable for single phase GT


What is electrical grounding?


how can we say that stator magnetic field rotates with synchronous speed?can we derive?


Can we use BS 6651 and BS EN 62305 standards for computer room lightning ptotection in substation?


What is the lockout relay


what happen if field of dc shunt motor opens? what is function of putting res. in parallel to one phase of 3 phase IM? the power supplied by 5A source in circuit is given by------Watt.


explain PV modules in solar energy generation.


transformer phasor diagram under load explain it?