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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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I have an enquiry of develop solar power plant, 0.69/11kV, 1500kV/750/750kVA, Dy11y11 Transformer. I want to know what does 1500kV/750/750kVA means? Sorry if this is a noob question.

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what is the pre charge circuit,what will be work which function it will be use plz tell me


what is integrated ac contact circuit


What are the basic & Majour problems in UPS ?

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Why iron core transformers not used in high frequency applications ?

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What conditions are required for transformer to operate at low frequencies ?


What conditions are required for transformer to operate at low frequencies ?


What conditions are required for a transformer to operate at low frequencies ?

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where is core-type and shell-type construction suitable for transformers ?


Why are the cores of large transformers built up of circular transactions ?


Advantages of short circuit and open circuit tests of a transformer?


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Why iron core losses are constant at all loads in a transformer ?


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what is the difference between Power and Distribution transformers ?


What will happen if power transformer designed for 50 Hz is connected to 500 Hz of the same voltage , and vice versa ?

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difference between diode and scr?

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Difference between earthing & grounding.?


What are the factors influence the choice of an electrc drive?


what is the function of choke in the flourcent tube lights and why the colour is in white mostly in flourcent tube lights


I am EEE student i want to improve my core side cn i approach it?


Help need in transformer !? Hello Friends The parameters of 2300/230 v 50hz t/f is R1=0.286 ohm R`2=0.319 ohm Rc=240 ohm X1=0.73 ohm X`2=0.73 ohm Xm=49.2 ohm Secondary Load impedance ZL=0.387+J0.29 solve the exact equivalent circuit with normal voltage across primery.. I know every thing but i cant find CURRENT I1=? and I`2=? Please help me give solution or only Formula please please...


How many devices can be connected in one zone of FACP


sir please send me previous year questions of jspl of electrical section through which i could prepare myself fpr the test.


How to calculate the copper in HT motors if KW, RPM & Voltage is given


can any one suggest paper presentation topies for electrical engg?


How to calibrate or test an LT Air Circuit breaker 440 volts, 35 KA, 800 Amps ?


what is integrated ac contact circuit


am commissioning the trafo without connecting the neutral therefore unbalance will occur what is the alternative solution for this?


can we synchronize star system generators with delta system transmission line ? and how ?


What is transformation ratio what it describes?


Why it need to form a capcitor when it not been in use from three or two year. Plz describe it technically.