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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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If rotor works in clock wise what happens


i need mat lab program to find out the transmission line losses,regulation and losses



50 electric bulbs are connected across supply of 220 volts. After one bulb is fused remaining 49 bulbs are again connected to same supply. which case will have more illumination & WHY????????


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We have Diesel generator of 200KW but load connected to it only 100KW. Pl. brief me about fuel consumption.


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what happens when ac supply is given to the dc motor and dc supply is given to the ac motor?


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what happens when dc supply is given to the transformer?

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What is the name of process In VFD frequency are increase then voltage increase & frequency decrease then voltage decrease?


why the transformer was not rotating like a motor?


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How much heat will a 2500 KVA transformer will generate ?

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A copper wire of length l and diameter d has potential difference V applied at its two ends. The drift velocity is vd. If the diameter of wire is made d/3, then drift velocity becomes

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what is mean by restructuring power system?


We have Diesel generator of 200KW. fuel consumption is always same,even connected light load or full load. Is it right?



what is the difference between home inverter and online ups?


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what is the formula for backup time of online ups?

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Why mostly GT(Generating Transformer)has only Ynd1 Vector Group?


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th how could we differentiate between armoured copper and armoured aluminium cable what is the basic application? why we prefer the armoured copper as compared to armoured aluminium.


What is mason's gain formula?


At what speed an electric car can run with 2 HP motor of weighing 400 kg?


In a 3 phase 4-wire system. For a 3.5 core cable if all loads are single phase and balanced, what will be neutral current? will it be sum of all phase currents? Or it will be zero? And if loads are unbalanced what will be neutral current?


wht is embedded systems? what is new inthis field?


what is self capacitance of inductor


What is the source of dependent source ?


Why derivative controller is not used in control systems?


how could we know the size of cable by physical view?


how can we determine size of a cable by knowing the kw or current rating of a load?how can we calculate the resistance box of a slip ring motor?


What is the difference between alternator and generator?


Can we convert off line transformer to on line transformer


why the making current is more than then the breaking current and if its true then its about a controling circuit or breaker power contact points


What is meant by celling voltage & current in excitor ?


completed BE & done apprentice at tneb & having experience 6 years. want to get c license. will apprentiship & BE be helpful for getting c license. will i get any preference by showing this?